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Large Whale Sculpture

1.Introduction of Large Whale Sculpture Large whale sculpture is made of bronze. Whales are the largest animals on earth and the oldest and smartest animals. They are both gentle and fierce. In the history of human culture, whale is the symbol of motherhood. The Old Testament records that the prophet Jonah was swallowed by a […]

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bronze whale sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze whale sculpture Bronze whale sculpture captures the whale’s jumping posture in the water. The curved radian shows its beautiful posture. It seems to swim in front of you and fly. It’s very magical. This whale sculpture shows the magic and profundity of the ocean, and its beauty and majesty. It will attract […]

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Whale Garden Sculpture

1.Introduction of Whale Garden Sculpture This is a whale garden sculpture. The whale is a symbol of ambition. As a giant, the whale can resist the difficulties at the bottom of the sea. Whales are never afraid of the pain and lead their lovers and children to survive strongly. This beautiful whale sculpture is composed […]

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