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flying duck sculpture

1.Introduction of flying duck sculpture The bronze flying duck sculpture is a vibrant and dynamic scene. In this sculpture, three ducks are flying in the sky, gracefully spreading their wings and flapping high. Their feathers are carved very lifelike, each feather is lifelike, as if they can feel the feeling of flying in the wind. The […]

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bronze duck sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze duck sculpture The bronze duck sculpture presents an extremely cute scene where four lifelike ducks quietly rest on a broken branch that happens to cross the water surface. This scene seems to freeze time, showcasing a moment of rest for ducks in nature. The appearance of the sculpture is exceptionally realistic, with each […]

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mother duck and ducklings garden ornaments

1.Introduction of mother duck and ducklings garden ornaments Mother duck and ducklings garden ornaments named making way for the duckling is created by Nancy Schoen. It has become the most famous public art work in Boston and the landmark of Boston Park. The sculpture depicts the scene in Robert McCloskey’s 1941 book making way for […]

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