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Large outdoor bear statues

1.Introduction of Large Outdoor Bear Statues Large Outdoor Bear Statues are popular among us. This sculpture is mother bear with baby bear. Mother bear came back from fishing and squatted on the rock. Baby bear was very hungry. He stretched his legs straight on the edge of the rock and stretched his neck waiting for […]

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Bear yard ornaments

1.Introdution of Bear Yard Ornaments Bear Yard Ornaments often appears in parks, squares, courtyards and zoos.Bear stands for suppressing fanaticism, negativity and rebirth. Bears are the therapists of investors, teach people to control their endless desires, and hide themselves from the noise when necessary, wait patiently, think calmly and remain highly vigilant until the opportunity […]

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Bear garden statue

1.Introduction of Bear Garden Statue Bear Garden Statue is that the bear has just returned from fishing with feet on the ground, looks into the distance, and bites a fat fish in its mouth. It seems to say that today’s dinner can be delicious again. Its hair seems to have been carefully trimmed, clean and […]

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