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bathing woman statue

1.Introduction of bathing woman statue This is the bathing woman statue named La Baigneuse Drapee. It is a Bronze sculpture created by artist Aristide Maillol. This statue depicts a naked female bather standing gracefully, with only a towel draped over her shoulder. Her posture exhibits a soft and curvaceous silhouette, full of feminine tenderness and […]

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nude statue woman

1.Introduction of nude statue woman This is the nude statue woman. Aristide Maillol, a famous French sculptor, believes that “art does not consist in copying nature”, but emphasizes stable forms. His large bronze works in the figurative style are considered to be an important pioneer for Henry Moore to further simplify modernism. This Aristide Maillol […]

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aristide maillol sculpture

1.Introduction of aristide maillol sculpture This is the aristide maillol sculpture. Aristide Maillol is a French sculptor. The River is one of a series of sculptures in which he compares nature with a woman’s body. This is the work of Mayor in his later years, and like his previous works, the theme of “River” is […]

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