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angel of the waters statue

1.Introduction of garden angel fountain This is a white marble garden angel fountain. An elegant Angel knelt on the auspicious cloud on one knee and poured water with a basin in both hands. The water flows along the edge into the pool. The edge of the pool is carved with flowers in full bloom, and […]

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outdoor angel statues

1.Introduction of cherub fountain statue In western literature and art, the sculptures of angel babies are mostly girls or children with wings. They are often compared to innocent and lovely people who bring happiness. In addition, angel babies also have the moral of purity and kindness. Our cherub fountain statue is a lovely angel baby with […]

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fountain sculpture

1.Introduction of central park angel statue This is the famous Bethesda fountain, the central park angel statue. This 8-foot-high bronze statue depicts a female angel with wings landing on the top of the fountain, from which water gushes out into the upper basin and surrounding pools. It is the only statue in the park that […]

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