Wall street bull for sale is a hot sale artwork, The Wall Street bronze bull is a bronze bull statue in Bowling Green Park in Manhattan, New York. The bronze bull was originally a street guerrilla art created by Italian artist Arturo di Modica. Now it has become a popular permanent landmark on Wall Street.

Diana Durant painted the statue of a bull like this:

The bull lowered his head slightly, his nose glittered, and his long, pointed horns seemed to be pushing forward. The bull seemed angry and dangerous. Its muscular body tilts to one side and its tail bends like a whip. It looks energetic and dynamic.

The bronze color and metal texture on the surface of the statue highlight the power of the bull. The statue is set so that visitors can enjoy it all around, which means that the movement direction of the bull itself is not fixed, which can also be seen from the twisting body of the bull.

The bull surged with an unpredictable force that was aggressive, even aggressive. It can be said that this shows the vitality, strength and uncertainty of the securities market.

The perseverance and unyielding drive of the bronze bull not only represent people’s dreams and wishes, but also symbolize wealth. It also indicates that business is booming and bullish. Therefore, now more and more bronze cattle statues appear in people’s lives. Especillay for wall street bull statue for sale.

As a professional sculpture team, arturban sculpture factory has its own 3D drawing design team and artist clay master. We can make all kinds of high-quality art statues according to your drawings or pictures. We also have a large number of human and animal products for your choice or reference.

This picture is the imitation Wall Street Bull customized by customers in Canada, which has been installed now. Is it very domineering and imposing. It is 330 cm long and 195 cm high. It is made of bronze and used for street decoration. The bronze material has better ductility, heat and cold resistance, which can maintain its integrity for a longer time. Therefore, as a public facility or some extremely cold and hot weather outside, bronze material is a good choice. It may become a symbol of historical value or a part of history.

wall street bull
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wall street statue

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