The best head of state — Emperor Trajan

Trajan Sculpture

This is a bronze trajan sculpture. Trajan was the emperor of the Roman Empire after Nerva, and was also the “best head of state” in the eyes of the aristocratic Senate. As the second Roman emperor among the “five sages” of the Roman Empire, Trajan brought the Roman Empire unrestricted external expansion instead of peace. Compared with the maps of the Roman Empire in the past dynasties, the territory of the Roman Empire expanded to the largest extent during the period of Trajan. However, when defeating the eastern Parthian Empire, Trajan’s life came to an end.

The title of “the best head of state” of Trajan awarded by the Senate of the Roman Empire to commend Trajan’s contributions to the Roman Empire. The history books of the Roman Empire also highly praised Trajan, saying that he was a very successful emperor. Trajan started his career in military affairs. The reason why he was chosen by Emperor Neva as his successor was that Trajan had a strong influence in the military of the Roman Empire, which just made up for the lack of Neva’s ruling power.

bronze trajan sculpture

enemies. As a Roman emperor who pursued militarism, Trajan never stopped his pace of war. One victory after another forged his prestige and ushered in the most glorious moment in the history of the Roman Empire. And this just reflects the resolute character of Trajan. Trajan is like a brave lion. He has a sense of responsibility for the lions group, is kind and compassionate, and is cruel and fierce to the enemy. This is the reason why the Roman Senate called him “the best head of state”, and also the recognition and awe of his character.

The immortal statue of emperor Trajan in history

statue of emperor Trajan

This is a classic memorial roman warrior statue. This sculpture is highly reproduced by our Arturban foundry with the traditional wax loss method. It perfectly reproduces the image of Emperor Trajan.

In the trajan sculpture, Emperor Trajan is an adult, wearing a special military uniform for the military parade. His short coat has wavy folds, he wears a breastplate and a cloak, and he carries a sword. The image of Medusa is between the chest bands above, and several snakes hang below her head. In the center is the statue of Athena, the goddess of war, and her symbols – helmet and aegis. Next to the statue of goddess are two dancing girls with reed and bamboo crowns. The lower row decorated with palm trees, plant patterns and a pair of ram heads. The sword of Emperor Trajan was inserted in the sheath, and the handle was decorated with palm trees. He is wearing high boots unique to the monarch and high-level people in the society. The shoelaces tied tightly, and the boots decorated with palm trees.

This trajan sculpture is lifelike, exquisite in shape and vivid in appearance. It vividly shows the noble image of Emperor Trajan, full of the majesty of the emperor. It allows us to understand the image of Emperor Trajan thousands of years ago. Emperor Trajan is a very great emperor. He drives the development of history and has a supreme position in people’s hearts. It is suitable for various public occasions as a memorial sculpture. It not only adds beauty, but also makes people have a deeper impression and remember the great man.

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