Bruno Catalano’s Lost Traveler Sculpture – an artistic traveler moving through the city

the traveler bronze sculpture

This is the traveler bronze sculpture of Bruno Catalano. Some people may not know Bruno Catalano very well, but you will certainly have an impression of his sculptures. A traveler carrying a suitcase walks in every corner of the city. Part of the body of each sculpture seems to be erased. It seems to have just emerged from the time tunnel, leaving a lot of imagination for the audience. But his clear and true face tells pedestrians that they are real.

Details of Bruno Catalano’s sculpture

the traveler bronze sculpture

Bruno Catalano is a French artist who is famous for creating a large number of travelers with incomplete body. When he was young, he visited many different cities and felt that he had lost a part of his life when he left many times. It is probably the most touching that he takes his own experience as the inspiration for creation. Keep leaving for life, his inner lack cannot be filled, and he has inner regrets.

How many are similar to what he used to be. In order to live, he wandered in different cities, like these tourists who carried their incomplete bodies forward. Therefore, these sculptures seem to resonate with many modern people. These sculptures that have lost important parts seem to represent modern people who have neglected their hearts.

The traveler bronze sculpture created by Bruno Catalano are all very ordinary people. The bruno catalano statue are wearing ordinary shirts, jeans, casually worn hats, and clear clothes folds and textures, which represent that pedestrians in a hurry do not have a refined living standard. The original bronze color will add traces of time to the sculpture and the vicissitudes of life.

Bruno Catalano’s disappearing traveler sculpture — emotional resonance and profound experience

the traveler bronze sculpture

The deletion on the statue makes these works of art more ethereal and surreal. It seems that life is a continuous shuttle journey, and we can find elements that can enrich ourselves everywhere. When we go through the journey of life, will we be able to say “you complete me” to the goal we have been looking for with a complete heart?

One of our customers also loves the traveler bronze sculpture. He customized this classic traveler sculpture and placed it in his home. He not only appreciate this work of art, but also has emotional resonance with it as a collection. Only then can he deeply feel the meaning of the sculpture.

When you appreciate this Catalano Sculpture, do you have any questions? How does his body support him? Through careful observation in all directions, you will find that the secret is to carry the suitcase. The whole body is supported by the suitcase, which makes us feel that even if we are incomplete, we still move forward steadily.

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