1. The role of horse sculpture at home

What comes to mind when you mention the word “horse”? For us, Horse is a symbol of energy, strength, victory and endurance. We have never seen a horse sitting, because it never sits, it always stands or runs. Therefore, it represents energy and power. Is it good to keep horse statue at home? Many people asked that, yes, A horse statue or a moving horse statue can help you refocus and lead you to success.

Is it good to keep horse statue at home?

2. The importance of wastu to the family

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science. It welcomes the positive atmosphere in your home and eliminates the negative atmosphere to ensure a peaceful and happy life. This is not only the art of redecorating house architecture, but also a way to enhance energy in houses.

An orderly home brings more peace and clarity to your family, which is the importance of vastu. According to vastu, ideally, the entrance should face north, northeast, east or west, because these are conducive to prosperity.


3.It is good to keep horse statue at home from wastu

According to vastu, there are many ways to promote your career. One of them is to keep a horse image or horse statue at home. According to vastu Shastra, a horse is associated with vitality, and its presence is responsible for triggering much-needed attention and financial stability.

It is good to keep horse statue at home from wastu

4.Where are the horse sculptures placed from Vastu?

It can ensure vitality to keep horse statue at home or in the office , but for everything related to vastu, here are some suggestions:

1.The north is the ideal location for the horse statue. As we all know, it can perfectly push your career in the right direction.

2.The office or study and living room are ideal places to place the horse statue in order to obtain the maximum income.

horse statue at living room

3.Place a pair of white galloping horses at your home in the north or northwest. The galloping white horse ensures a better and smoother flow of funds. It helps to remove obstacles related to financial issues.

white galloping horses

4. If you want to put the horse statue outside the south, make sure it is close to the window, and the horse’s face can overlook the window.

horse statue overlook the window

5.It’s a good to put a decorated horse on your desk. if it is jumping horse statue with two foot raised. It will ensure success and happiness.

jumping horse statue

It is good to keep horse statue at home, and it has positive energy for our lives. But It should note that horses (especially running horses) are best to stay away from the bedroom. Because the bedroom is a place to relax and rest at home. It will prevent you from getting a good rest. . From our analysis results, the horse sculpture is very useful when placed at home. Of course, if you want to get a more accurate position, you can also ask a professional vastu expert.

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