1.About Frederick Remington – Remington Horse Statue Creator

Remington horse statue is very famous among the horse sculpture decoration. Frederick Remington, born in cantun, New York in 1861, died of sudden illness in 1909. He not only made achievements in the field of sculpture, but also a writer with western style. He was graduated from Yale University. Most of his paintings and sculptures mainly show the life scene of the western grassland area.

Remington had adventure spirit since childhood. He especially loved the horses in the west. So he began to use sculpture to show the image of horses. In the appearance of the horse trainer sculpture, he successfully started his sculpture creation career. A series of Western life has pushed his sculpture creation to glory and won the recognition of the public. His paintings and sculptures are all about horses. Even after his death, he asked to engrave the words “he knows horses” on his tombstone. It can be seen how keen it is to pursue horses.

Frederick Remington
Frederick Remington western life painting

2. Remington Horse Statue Introduction

His bronze sculpture “the man who tames wild horses”, shows the image of a fierce horse with hooves jumped. The cowboy on the horse holds the reins with one hand and brandishes a short whip with the other. The perfect cooperation between man and horse, extraordinary momentum, full of vitality.

His style was naturalistic and sometimes Impressionist. He was the first artists to show the real gait of horses. His artworks are sometimes very exaggerated. For example, cowboys hold the reins tightly and walk down on straight and steep slopes.

When you appreciate Remington horse statue, you will have an immersive feeling. It seems that you are on the horse’s back. You can’t help thinking about whether you will fall or not. However, after your study of Remington’s sculptures, you will find that every sculpture of Remington shows the picture vividly when the horse lifts up, runs and jumps.

remington horse statue

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remington horse statue manufactuer

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