The importance of sexy and beautiful lips

Red Lips Sculpture

The red lips sculpture is tempting. In the broad sense of facial aesthetics, the eyes, ears, mouth and nose are equally important. The lips are only a small part. As long as the lips are not deformed or hard injured, the impact of the lips on the appearance is commendable. However, the lip is a very special part, especially for women, in the aesthetics of attraction under the premise of triggering charm, which can also be called gender aesthetics.

Whether it is the mainstream facial features aesthetics from ancient times to the present, or the data research in academic papers, we can see the importance of lips in gender aesthetics. Therefore, in the aesthetics of sexual attraction, the lips are beautiful, and they are also genies that can touch other people’s heartstrings. In the whole lip shape, the thickness is only one of the bases for consideration. The points that affect the sexual attraction are more detailed than the simple thickness. To be exact, the direction of the lip line is the key.

The red lips are with into upper and lower lips. The upper lip is three parts, and the middle part is slightly downward. Protrude toward the center of the lower lip, extend from both sides to the corners of the mouth, and gradually thin. Lips can be thin or thick, and the width varies from person to person. The mouth is the key part to determine the expression. The muscles around the mouth are rich and can produce various expressions. It is very important to shape the mouth to express the character.

Red Lips Sculpture

Details of red lips sculpture

Red Lips Sculpture

The modeling design of the rich and charming sexy FRP lip sculpture is very fashionable and novel. The bright red lips have a moist luster and are very beautiful. It will inject the soul into the whole face, as if you can see a charming beauty through the sexy lips. This large-scale lip sculpture is novel in shape and beautiful in appearance. It is a beautiful decoration placed in outdoor gardens, courtyards, squares and other places. The statue will be a very creative existence. It is not only colorful, but also interesting in shape to attract people’s attention and become a focus.

This sexy and gorgeousred lips sculpture is made by our Arturban sculpture foundry using high-quality fiberglass. Our exquisite sculptures constantly carved and polished to make the shape and details lifelike. During the coloring, we use outdoor automotive paint to make the color more solid, the surface more smooth and shiny, and can be used for a long time. As the sculpture decoration of the outdoor garden square, the unique creative sculpture makes people’s eyes shine. They are instantly attracted by this fashionable lip sculpture. Such a beautiful lip sculpture must belong to a beautiful woman.