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The culture and tradition of bayarta art port is considered to be the heart and soul, which is very famous. The visit to our destination cannot be completed without exploring the wide variety of culture, food, history and entertainment provided here. Art walk has a thriving art scene, which is desirable.

The bayarta port in Mexico has become a very important art center because it has more galleries than any other Mexican coastal city. Centro Historico Artwalk is an important contribution to the city’s art community. This season will celebrate its 26th anniversary, focusing on many exquisite galleries in the city center.

The 2021-2022 Vallarta Artwalk season starts on October 27, 2021 and will be held every Wednesday, May 25, 2022, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at 14 participating art galleries in the city’s historical center. At that time, works will be displayed and created by important domestic and international artists.

Bayarta Art

Art Boys David E. brown and Santiago Redmond invite you to experience Browne Galeria’s art and artists.

Address:Leona Vicario 230C, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta

Tel: (322) 318-1436

Bayarta Art

2. GALERÍA CABALLITO DE MAR–from Bayarta art

Galer í a caballito de Mar displays a range of rare Mexican vintage and antique jewelry, textiles and ceramics.

Address: Aldama 162, Col. Centro, Bayarta port

Tel:+52 (322) 113-0363

Bayarta Art

3. GALERÍA COLECTIKA–from Puerto Vallarta’s Art Walk 

Colectika Ancestral Contemporary Art Gallery: Simple, almost primitive sculptures and paintings are being replaced by more complex designs, as indigenous and Mexican folk artists are looking for new ways to express their ancient traditions and beliefs.

Address:Guadalupe Sánchez 858, Centro, Puerto Vallarta

Bayarta Art

4. Level of detail–from Puerto Vallarta’s Art Walk

“2009 LOD birth”. We only manage natural gemstones dominated by Colombian emerald and Mexican opal. Our jewelry reflects the art and commitment to our customers.

Address: Corona 164, Col. Centro, bayarta port

Tel: (322) 178-2349

 Bayarta Art

5. One jewelry–from Puerto Vallarta’s Art Walk 

In June 2016, one jewelry designs opened in bayarta port.

The designer uses the jewelry design of beads, gemstones and pendants to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings with various metals.

Jorge V í ctor P é rez, our designer and goldsmith, also signed these works.

Address: Guadalupe s á nchez 778, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta

Tel: (322) 263-4942

Bayarta Art
Bayarta Art

6. GALERÍA CÓRSICA I & CÓRSICA II–from Bayarta art

Jean Pierre renucci, an experienced international collector and curator, has worked in this field for more than 30 years and carefully selected Corsican Art (including painting and sculpture).

Address: Guadalupe Sanchez 756, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta

Tel: + 52 (322) 128 1467

Bayarta Art

Art collectors, art sponsors, local residents and interested tourists can enjoy works featuring paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry here and feel the edification of art. These beautiful works of Bayarta art are waiting for you to find the beauty in person. I won’t introduce them one by one.

Centro Historico Artwalk is not a tour guide and there is no admission fee. You are free to start with any Gallery in the list and spend as much time as possible on each gallery.

After appreciating the works of bayarta art, do we feel hungry or thirsty?

bayarta art

El Centro is probably the largest restaurant in the whole destination, which can meet your appetite, from simplicity to delicious food. After eating delicious food, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery here. Many art forms appear in bayarta port every day, but sculpture is always the landmark building in this corner.

Here, we show some interesting and historical facts about the city’s most outstanding works of art.

1) El Niño sobre el Caballo de Mar

This is the most iconic work of Malecon’s sculpture. It was the first work in the center of bayarta art port in 1960. An interesting fact is that in a storm, the sea washed away the work of art. Later, the same artist copied it in a larger proportion. Many years later, the original statue was restored and is now located at the end of Playa Los Muertos.


2) Nostalgia

Ramiz barquet created this sculpture, which is the second sculpture located in Malecon. This work is based on the author’s love story, which expresses that despite the distance of time and space, this feeling can still last and have a second chance.

El Milenio

3) El Milenio

FéLix Fernando Baños López created this sculpture to commemorate the new millennium through human evolution.Among its characteristic elements, the waves stand out and the place where life begins, followed by marine organisms, DNA strands and famous historical figures.

4)Ballena Vallarta

Located at the entrance of Marina Vallarta, completed in 2001, this magnificent 42.6 foot long x 29.5 foot high sculpture may be one of the largest sculptures in the port of bayarta. Author Octavio Gonz á lez Guti é rrez, who believes that the mother is the cornerstone of society and family, based on this view, he created this sculpture to pay tribute to the mother.

Tritón y Sirena

5) Tritón y Sirena

The completion ceremony of Carlos Espino’s sculpture was held in Malcolm in 1990. It shows two of the most popular creatures in Greek Mythology: Poseidon, the son of the sea god, and Amphitrite, who tried to get close to the sea fairy.

In bayarta art port, we can enjoy and experience the feast of senses. The extraordinary artistic features and rich enjoyment of life will bring you infinite fun. I hope you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy and visit it.

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