Longhorn statues for sale, made by Arturban sculpture manufacturer. we can customize longhorn statue in any material, size, color as you want.As we all know. Texas longhorns are bred in the hot southern United States and are suitable to cattle that range long distances. People raise Texas Longhorn cattle to obtain fur, lean meat and Longhorn. The coat has distinctive markings and is often white on the back. They are very docile and do not usually attack humans. But their warnings are necessary. Because their horns are so long, people are more likely to be scratched by their horns when they move around them. One of the most enduring symbols of Texas is the long horn. It’s very resilient. One of the most enduring symbols of Texas is the longhorn. It has strong vitality. Once it was difficult for other animals to survive under difficult and bad weather conditions, but the Texas Longhorn survived. Its indomitable survival is not only admired by people, but also a model for people to learn from. Therefore, Texas cattle are very popular, and people will use the longhorn statue as a decoration in their homes, not only for decoration but also for spiritual encouragement. Parents also use pictures and dolls to learn about Texas longhorns at an early age.

This painted longhorn statue is made of fiberglass material. It is 150 cm high (from hoof to horn), and we customized the painted longhorn according to the requirements of American customers. His horns were long and his body was dotted with salt-and-pepper spots, exactly like the grain of a real longhorn. Our client, a Texas longhorn enthusiast, wanted to decorate longhorn statue on the lawn outside, so that it would blend in with nature and be as lifelike as if he had a real cow in his home. But its advantage is to save feeding and care time, but you can still enjoy its beauty.

3D model of longhorn statue
foam model of longhorn statue
fiberglass longhorn statue
longhorn sculpture

In the hearts of Americans, longhorn cattle live an auspicious and rich life. Its perseverance is an example and food for people’s survival.

As a professional sculpture manufacturer, Arturban sculpture manufacturer have a professional team and rich production experience to make longhorn statue that satisfy you and add fun to your life.

First, we will conduct 3D modeling. At the same time of modeling, we will send our 3D graphics to the customer for further discussion. We will understand what the customer needs to change, and then we will not move on until the customer is satisfied with the details.

The print of foam of longhorn statues for sale will be displayed by our professional staff to show the outline and shape of the longhorn statue clearly.

Then we will make longhorn statue in fiberglass. We use the pure hand careved method. We will combine the mold unit block according to the shape characteristics of the statue, and then carry out the processes of splicing, joint treatment, support fabrication and so on.

It is not easy to make a good fiberglass statue, and there are some regrettable works that affect the reputation of fiberglass sculpture to a certain extent. High quality fiberglass artworks must skillfully combine all links of production.

Finally, we will paint the sculpture, add the color paste of the finished product to the gel coat resin to make the color gel coat, and then color the mold. Here, we use artificial coloring to make the color uniform and more vivid. What are the advantages of our Arturban sculpture factory?

First of all, our fiberglass is made of high-quality 196 resin glue, which is not only durable but also strong. In the production process, we usually brush three layers of fiber cloth and three layers of glue. After our improved design, we will put a small amount of talc powder and coagulant, so our fiberglass sculpture will be very strong. Even a 150 kg adult jumping on the sculpture will not cause damage.

At ordinary times, people will put most fiberglass statues for outdoor decoration. After a long time of exposure and wind and rain, fiberglass sculpture is easy to crack and decolorization, and our sculpture made of material density is good. The material is weather-resistant and protects against external conditions, which can increase its service life.

As a professional sculpture manufacturer, we will show you the best quality products. Your recognition is the best postcard we can show our customers. For longhorn statues for sale, bronze bull statue, or other sculpture you want, welcome to contact us at [email protected]

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