1.Lion with wings’ meaning

Lion with wings is our common auspicious beast. It is the embodiment of wisdom and power. It has auspicious, prosperous and endless moral, symbolizing status, dignity and peace. In people’s hearts, the lion is a strong existence. It is known as the king of the forest. It is impeccable. When it has wings, it becomes stronger.

2.Famous winged lion sculpture

Among the winged lion sculptures, St. Mark’s flying lion is particularly famous. St. Mark became the patron saint of Venice. Its symbol is a winged lion. If you go to Venice, you can see the image of lions everywhere. St. Mark sculpture, with a pair of wings, looks majestic and domineering, just like a guardian. Serious expression, clear and smooth muscle lines. Moreover, the lion’s mane is thick and long, which makes it more aggressive. In the gospel of mark, the lion’s front paw stepped on the book to express its respect and protection for Christianity. Of course, the color of heavy metals makes the sculpture more dignified, angular and vivid details. Moreover, the symbol of Babylon is that the lion has eagle wings. Winged lions often appear in Babylonian art.

winged lion statue in Verona,Italy
St. Mark's flying lion
In the gospel of mark
 Babylon lion

3. The role of lion with wings

The bronze lion with wings is made on the basis of lion sculpture. The lion is the king of all animals. People all over the world regard the lion as a auspicious beast, and lion sculpture can be seen everywhere on five continents. Winged lion statue is a Western European sculpture. Because of their simple structure, fluent lines, rich colors and strong artistic sense, European sculpture gives people the overall feeling of nobility and elegance. When we put it in the hotel, we can improve the image of the hotel and create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. When we put it in the enterprise, it contains rich connotation. Its powerful posture is the embodiment of the vigorous development of the enterprise and the display of strength and value. With the improvement of our living standards, when we put it at the door of the community or courtyard, it can not only combine with the surrounding environment to make us have a happy mood, but also guard our family like a patron saint and bring us good luck and peace.

lion with wings

4. What can Arturban offer?

Lion with wings sculpture can be made of not only bronze, but also marble, alumium, fiberglass, and the techniques used are diverse, including gilding, gilding and color painting. Painting gold, gilding, coloring, antique, etc. can not only enrich the color of the sculpture, but also increase the mystery of the sculpture, but also vividly show the texture and gully of the sculpture.

marble lion with wings
winged lion sculpture

Because animal sculpture originated from arts and crafts, most animal sculptures have strong decoration and practicability. Our arturban sculpture factory has rich experience in sculpture for more than 20 years. Our bronze carving designers have design talent. They pay attention to the shape depiction of animals and complement each other with sculpture color and painting, so that the sculpture works have a unique sense of beauty and appreciation value.

For our sculptors, animal sculpture is a language without borders. It has a form and different artistic conception in the eyes of different people. Like a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people. Give people different visual enjoyment.

Our arturban sculpture factory is committed to the production of each sculpture. We have mature sculpture technology and strict quality control. We will make each work for you with the quality of heirloom. If you happen to have a need for sculpture, you can contact us at any time. Even if you are just consulting, we are happy to help you.

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