Lion statue in front of house is often seen. As we all know lion statues can be seen in many places. Bronze lion statue is a kind of animal statues, which are deeply loved by everyone. Some people will be more curious. Why are bronze lion statue more popular? The lion occupies the supreme position among the beasts and lion is the symbol of authority. Bronze lion can bring auspicious Qi, play a role in eliminating evil in the town and helping transportation. The lion is a spirit beast endowed with magical power in people’s hearts. The lion statue in front of house has become a popular auspicious beast, and lion statue plays an important role in architectural decoration. It can make the house beautiful and unique. From the perspective of Feng Shui, if businessmen want to expand their business, they must protect their wealth. The ferocity of the bronze lion statue can not only prevent wealth from being sucked away by others, but also have the effect of transit and protection. As a big beast, the lion’s invincible domineering image is the expression of masculinity. Therefore, placing a pair of bronze lion sculpture at the door can make the householders have strong masculinity and play better in the arena.

Arturban sculpture factory is a professional bronze sculpture factory. We have a professional design team and our own factory. with many years of experience in statue production, we can bring you the art quality statues.

The paired lion statue for house were customized by our American customer and placed at the gate for decoration. He customized the height of 105 cm. He love white color with golden crown on his head, and a claw stepped on the golden shield. The icon of the shield is the logo of the customer’s company, which means that his company can develop better and better under the protection of the bronze lion statue. Because this sculpture is only the customer’s vision of the lion without any image reference. so in order to finish perfectly, First, we make 3D design drawings, so that 3D drawings can show the works envisaged by customers. The advantage of 3D design is that it is easier to modify the outline of artwork than clay sculpture, and our customers can see the details of the product 360 degrees.

white lion statue with crown

After customers confirm lion design, our sculpture artists will make clay models according to 3D design drawings. After making clay models, we will send photos of clay models to our customers again to confirm the details with customers, so we pay great attention to customers’ opinions and hope to make satisfactory works for customers perfectly.

We use the traditional lost wax casting method. Wax lost method is a precision casting method. After we make the wax model and shell, we will heat it with fire to let the wax flow out, and then inject liquid copper to cool it, knock off the shell, and then we can sculpt the product.

Then we will polish and make patina. Our sculpture factory can have advanced technology and excellent team. we have made various statues all over the world. If you also want to have a bronze statue to decorate your home, you can contact us and we will make satisfactory statues for you.

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