Life size arabian horse is the most popular horse statue, Since ancient times, we can see that there are more than 300 horse breeds in the world. What is the status of Arabian horses?

1.Status of Arabian horses

Arabian horse is the oldest and most precious horse in the world. It is considered to be the origin of all horse breeds. It is a horse species originated from the Arabian Peninsula, so it is not too much to be called the noble of horses. It was first tamed by humans and became the most loyal partner in the process of human evolution. And since ancient times, Arabian horses have been famous for their beauty, intelligence, courage, perseverance and romance. Because for hundreds of years, they have been domesticated by human beings and live closely with human beings. They know how to get along with human beings. They also inherited the gentle and docile character of their ancestors after long-term evolution. Arabian horse also symbolizes a positive spirit. Its fine blood breeds a variety of modern horse racing, equestrian and recreational horse breeds, which make people’s life more colorful. It is also deeply loved by equestrian lovers.

2.Legend of Arabian horse

Moreover, Arabian horses also have many legends. After a long journey in the desert, Muhammad untied the horses, went to the oasis to drink water, and called the horses back before reaching the water source. At that time, only five horses responded. Because of their loyalty, they returned to their master and became Muhammad’s horse, which was called the five lineages, while Bedouin said that the Arabian horse originated from the five lineages.

It is also said that the queen of Sheba gave King Solomon an Arabian horse, which can succeed in every hunting.

The origin of the Arabian horse can also be traced back to the time of Ishmael, Abraham’s son. The angel bacali came down from heaven, woke Ishmael, avoided the wind, and ordered the wind to stop. The wind appeared in the shape of a horse. Therefore, Bedouin called the first Arabian horses “drinkers of the wind”.

3.Characteristics and importance of life size arabian horse

Therefore, Arabian horses are deeply loved by people. Moreover, Arabian horse sculpture is also very popular. Arabian horses are considered by many to be the most beautiful horses in the world. It has an elegant curved neck, a high tail and a small face, which represent the elegance of the horse. Our Arabian horse sculpture also vividly shows the beauty of Arabian horses. And now parks, streets, squares, zoos, and courtyards are excellent places to use Arabian horse sculpture as decoration.

arabian horse sculpture

Therefore, we often show the horse’s personality and momentum with various postures of the horse. The most common thing in life is the Arabian horse sculpture made of bronze, and now the development of copper casting technology is becoming more and more mature. The copper horse sculpture not only has better artistic appreciation, but also its metal texture and luster add the flavor of the times to our sculpture. Moreover, it has stable chemical properties and is not easy to corrode. It can be decorated outdoors for a long time. After the baptism of its historical years, it will leave historical traces on it and have historical and cultural values.

arabian horse statue

As a professional sculpture manufacturer, arturban sculpture factory has a professional design team and production team, who have many years of working experience. Whether it is rest, running, naughty, deep mother child love, Equestrian Horse Racing and other scenes are vividly depicted. We often use the lost wax casting process in the production process, which is not only realistic in appearance, but also well made.

Of course, if you have your ideal creative works or photos, we can also make pictures according to your preferences. Good works can stand the test of time. Our sculptures are made of high-quality materials and excellent, which can accompany you for many years with a perfect attitude.

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