Life habits of Seven Star ladybug

ladybug sculpture

This is ladybug sculpture. Ladybug is an insect of ladybird family and ladybird genus. Seven Star ladybird goes through four different stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The body is oval, the back is smooth and the arch is hemispherical. The newly emerged adult is soft and tender yellow. After 2-3 hours, the whole body and the Coleoptera become hard, and the color changes from yellow to red. At the same time, there are 7 black spots on the Coleoptera. This is why call it the name.

The seven star ladybug is a beneficial insect. So ladybug sculpture is popular. The food of the Seven Star Ladybug after the adult is a variety of small insects, such as aphids, lice, flies and mosquitoes. In fact, the life span of Seven Star ladybug is only nearly 80 days. In these 80 days, one seven star ladybug can eat tens of thousands of aphids, which can greatly reduce the damage of trees, melons and fruits, and various crops by pests. Moreover, seven star Ladybug does not pollute the environment and is non-toxic. Therefore, seven star ladybug is a very useful insect for people. People call it “live pesticide” and also a good helper for people.

ladybug sculpture

Although the seven star ladybug is small, it has a strong self-defense ability. Many strong enemies are helpless to the Seven Star ladybug. On the joints of the three pairs of thin feet of the Seven Star ladybug, the foot joints can release an unpleasant yellow liquid. When it is attacked, it will release this liquid, and the enemy will escape because of the unpleasant smell. In addition, the ladybug is one of the most famous insects in the insect world for playing dead. When the Seven Star ladybug is in danger, it will immediately fall down from the tree, shrink three pairs of thin feet under its stomach and pretend to die, so as to hide from the enemy and escape.

Details of ladybug sculpture

ladybug sculpture

Ladybug sculpture is a fiberglass sculpture, and it is also one of the very classic insects. It is rich in color and lifelike in shape, so that pedestrians have cast their eyes on its beautiful posture and beautiful coat. The semicircular Seven Star Ladybug lies on the green grass, with white eyes on its black head and seven black dots on its red wings, representing the Seven Star ladybug. It was lying on the grass and the details of its legs were hidden, as if it were playing dead. It was very interesting. we still have others fiberglass animal statues such as fiberglass wolf statues and so on, you can contact us for more details.

This lovely Ladybug sculpture is carefully made by our sculptors of Arturban sculpture foundry with high-quality fiberglass. Its shape and details are very lifelike. It adopts the integrated molding mode. The lines are smooth, the texture is clear, and the colors are bright and bright. It is a focus in any place. They are suitable for matching in various scenes such as parks, communities, shopping malls and lawns. They are light in color, playful in shape, delicate and beautiful in shape. The lifelike insect sculptures will add a strong pastoral atmosphere to the outdoor places.


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