Jesus statue for home is ordered by one of our customers. Jesus is the founder of the Christian religion. According to the Bible, Mary was inspired to conceive and gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. He began preaching at the age of thirty, preaching the gospel. He was later charged by the Jewish priest, Caiaphas, and was crucified after being tried by the Roman governor of the Jewish province, Bendu Pilate. Three days later, Jesus was resurrected and ascended to heaven. Christians believe that Jesus will come again so that believers can live forever.

This jesus statue for home with open hands is very suitable for outdoor and church decoration. From delicate forehead hair to facial expression to clear clothes folds, each place is lifelike, revealing meticulous craftsmanship.

Arturban Sculpture Factory can also provide you with more statues of Jesus’ different demeanor, Christian and religious statues. There are several models available for your reference on our website.

This statue is a Jesus statue we customized for our american customers. We changed the facial expression of the statue according to the customer’s requirements. This is a smiling statue of Jesus. This jesus statue is 180 cm high and the base is 20 cm high, a total of 200 cm high. We accurately measured the height of the statue with a ruler and made it in strict accordance with the requirements of customers. The customer was very satisfied.

Outdoor jesus statue
Outdoor jesus statue

We first confirm the drawings according to the customer’s requirements. After the drawings meet the customer’s satisfaction, we will make the clay mold. After the clay mold is made, we will send each detail of the statue to the customer from multiple angles. If the customer is not satisfied, we will modify it at any time until the customer is satisfied. Our clay mold of jesus statue for home and bronze jesus statue are made in the ratio of 1:1 to ensure the accuracy of production. We use the lost wax casting method, which can present the most exquisite details of metal products. After being cast, shelled, polished and painted, a stunning wine of the Statue of Jesus Christ unfolds before your eyes.

As a professional manufacturer, arturban sculpture factory has a professional team and advanced production technology, which can ensure high quality. We can custom jesus statue in any size you want, small jesus or huge jesus statue. Welcome to contact us.

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