Controversial Balloon Dog sculpture

jeff koons dog sculpture

Jeff Koons dog sculpture is very famous. Speaking of Jeff Koons, one of the most valuable living artists, many people first think of his iconic “Balloon Dog” and “rabbit” and other large and gorgeous mirror stainless steel sculptures. Jeff Koons is famous for his installation works with consumerism metaphor. His masterpiece, the giant mirror stainless steel sculpture balloon dog, set the record of the highest selling price of the living artists at that time.

Koons’s evaluation in the art world has always been extremely polarized. Some people loudly praised his works as avant-garde, sharp and full of joy; Some people scornfully disparage them as cheap and ostentatious kitsch works. Koons himself calmly treated all evaluations and frankly said: “I think criticism can not stop an artist’s passion for art creation, nor can it stop people from exploring related art works. Each has his own love.

jeff koons dog sculpture

Koons inspired by common objects and symbols in daily life. Inflatable flowers, balloon animals and cartoon characters are the most important creative elements in his artistic career. These toy shaped works are usually with mirror stainless steel material and have a variety of colors. On the one hand, they remind the audience of the fun of childhood; On the other hand, their huge size and implications for capitalism make people feel strange and contrary.

Details of jeff koons dog sculpture

jeff koons dog sculpture

The mirror stainless steel sculptures created by Jeff Koons inspired by balloon toys have different versions such as red, blue and orange, and the sizes are also different. The most famous one is an orange balloon dog. The reflective surface of the work is the same as that of the cheap and shiny rubber, showing the strong attraction of precious metals. Its perfect reflection and completely hidden seams make the viewer marvel at the symmetry and perfection of the object. Koons once explained that the balloon dog is “a very optimistic work”. It is a balloon, a clown who may wriggle for you at a birthday party, but it is also a Trojan horse. There are other things here: maybe it is a sexual work.”

This sculpture of balloon dog was a repilca of Arturban sculpture foundry, It highly restores the sculpture art effect of Jeff Koons with stainless steel. The unique design style shows the combination of abstract art form and modern style. The texture of stainless steel metal and the shiny surface of sculpture give different visual effects. The vivid movements and expressions of the sculpture seem to make us feel its happy atmosphere.

Jeff Koons Stainless Steel is like a dog made of balloons in childhood. Its expression is lifelike, its abstract facial features, and its body details are delicate. It gives the sculpture vitality and carves its natural appearance. It is suitable for garden, courtyard and other outdoor places. Beautiful statues and bright colors will become the highlight of your life.

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