Japanese Samurai – Kusunoki Masashige

Japanese Samurai Sculpture

This is a japanese samurai sculpture. In the Garden opposite the imperial palace of Japan, there stands a bronze statue of a warrior riding on a valiant steed. The statue was a samurai at the end of the Kamakura era (early 14th century). He known for his firm loyalty to the emperor. He fought for the empress Mikado and tried to seize the ruling power of Japan from the Kamakura shogunate. That was regarded as the ideal of loyal samurai. This magnificent statue is about four meters high and installed on a granite base, with a total height of about eight meters. It is one of the three famous bronze statues in Tokyo. He once graced a Japanese banknote.

This memorial statue was one of the famouse artworks of Kakuzo Okakura, President of the Tokyo School of fine arts. It was only with the participation of many artists that this outstanding art sculpture was made. They determined the facial expression of the characters through multiple thinking on 20 portraits of Kusunoki Masashige. Professor Kawasaki Qianhu of the Tokyo School of fine arts is an artist who specializes in historical painting and is responsible for ensuring the historical accuracy of armor. He visited the temples and shrines related to Kusunoki Masashige, studied the items that belonged to him, sometimes made wise guesses, and completed the design of armor.

This magnificent statue was made by later generations to commemorate his great achievements. From the firm expression on the warrior’s face to the taut muscle of the magnificent steed, every detail of the work is very detailed. The Kusunoki Masashige is wearing armor and riding on a horse, looks like a general ready to defend country. This sculpture has also attracted tourists from all over the world.

Japanese samurai sculpture

Japanese samurai sculpture details

size of samurai sculpture

This sculpture is a replica of Japanese samurai of the Arturban sculpture foundry. The classic figure image shows the details of the sculpture in great detail. Kusunoki, the embodiment of virtue and royal service, is driving his spirited horse. The thin and resolute face depicts the indomitable warrior spirit, depicts an idealized Japanese horse, and embodies the characteristics of the best horse in the country. The horse cast into several parts, such as legs and tail. The surface is so smooth that the connection position of the parts can hardly seen. In order to ensure the historical accuracy of Kusunoki Masashige ‘s costumes, weapons and costumes, we conducted careful research and highly restored every detail of Japanese samurai costumes.

This japanese samurai sculpture made by the traditional wax loss method highly restores every detail of Japanese samurai. At the same time, it is also the highest praise to the soldiers. This sculpture can placed in the garden and square as a memorial sculpture for future generations to worship. It also is an encouragement and praise to the soldiers. Although Japanese samurai have disappeared, Japan’s samurai spirit will last forever.

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