“Big guy” Hulk and Incredible Hulk Sculpture

Incredible Hulk Sculpture

This is the incredible Hulk sculpture. Marvel has created too many lifelike characters in the past ten years, such as “life size iron man statue” representing the top wisdom of mankind, “Captain America” fighting against any opponent, the lightning fast “Thor” and the sexy “black widow”. When these cartoon characters enter the screen, enter everyone’s heart and enter our childhood dreams. I don’t know if you still remember that there is a fat green man with strong explosive power but clumsy appearance in Marvel Universe. Yes, he is Hulk.

Why do people like to call him “Hulk”? Or prefix his name “invincible”?

If the birth of Hulk is an accident, then the Hulk after the accident will be a legend. Dr. Bruce Banner survived to protect his colleagues from the deadly gamma rays. When he is angry, he will lose consciousness and become a giant Hulk, with indestructible skin and strong destructive power. He left a deep impression of “ferocity”. He was not only ugly, but also “smash, smash, smash” when he was angry! His character is extremely unstable. Incredible Hulk sculpture is vividly showing this.

Incredible Hulk Sculpture

Through the continuous adjustment of emotions, the “warrior Hulk” which is popular and admired by everyone appeared. During this period, Hulk has learned to communicate with others simply, and has his own way of thinking, can distinguish good from evil, and can control his own power.

In “The Avengers 2”, the black widow, holding a tender heart, has been infecting the uncontrollable hulk and slowly restoring its calm. This is a powerful promotion for the future personality change (increasingly stable) of Hulk. the black widow’s sentence “Hey, big guy, the sun is going to set” has also become a classic in Marvel Universe.

The significance of Hulk’s successful self shaping

Incredible Hulk Sculpture

This Incredible Hulk Sculpture is created by Arturban sculpture foundry. The strong muscle contains infinite power, as if it said that his fist would show its amazing power. At this time, he is not only a symbol of strength, but also the pursuit of self-image.

It seems that we see the real Hulk in front of us, and we will stretch out to comfort his brave heart. Once he was decadent and sad. Once there was a sentence that touched my heart very much, “the earth hates Hulk”. It can be seen that he has a heart that needs to be comforted under his huge body. But the earth needs him, and he still resolutely returns to the earth. It is also because of his efforts that the dual personalities of Banner and Hulk have been constantly growing and changing throughout the whole process of growth. Finally, the two personalities began to blend, get along, and even become one.

Isn’t its self-image that is not lost on the way forward exactly the mindset we need to maintain on the way forward? So this sculpture not only makes us feel the domineering of Marvel heroes, but also encourages us.

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