Goat sculpture is a good choice for gift. Goat are auspicious representatives, and goat have a gentle, kind and peaceful face. And since ancient times, in people’s hearts, a goat has an image of justice. In people’s hearts, it has high wisdom, understands people’s words, knows human nature, can argue between right and wrong, and knows good and evil, loyalty and traitors. Therefore, it is also regarded as a symbol of law enforcement. It also likes to be clean, clean and free from filth. So the sculpture of sheep is loved by many people.

One of our clients, her daughter was ill. She was the attending doctor and treated her daughter very conscientiously until her daughter recovered. She thanked the doctor very much, so she gave a goat sculpture to the doctor as a gift. Before making, we discussed with the customer and said that we had other sculptures of sheep to choose from, Our customer firmly said that she only wanted to send a goat sculpture to the doctor, so she finally decided to make this goat sculpture.

goat sculpture
3D design of goat sculpture

I didn’t know until later that there is another saying in the Western country that goats are a symbol of purity. Its moral is just in line with the image of a doctor, an angel in white, a holy and glorious image, which has saved countless people and brought them hope. Here, our customers customize a 40 cm high goat bronze sculpture, which can be enjoyed by doctors on the table all the time. The goat sculpture is as white as jade and looks very sacred. Its two corners bend back like a sickle. Its beard under its chin is like an intelligent elder, which makes people want to touch it. Its tail is very short and tilted upward, as if it is very elastic. When we sent the photos of the goat sculpture to our customers, our customers said that the sculpture was very beautiful, which was what he expected. We are happy to make our customers satisfied.

Arturban sculpture factory has mature sculpture technology and professional sculpture team. We have rich experience and have produced many sculptures and transported them all over the world. This sculpture is made of copper. In the process of making, we used paraffin casting method, so that our sculpture can retain exquisite and subtle details. For large bronze sculptures, we will use the method of piecewise splicing, and for small sculptures, we will make them as a whole.

Our customer gives it to others as a gift, so she attaches great importance to the quality of our sculpture works. Therefore, when making sculpture, we first carve the mud film. After carving, we will send customers photos from multiple angles to discuss whether there are places to be modified. We will make the wax film only after the customers are satisfied with the details.

We have our own sculpture factory and more than 20 years of sculpture production experience, so we have great guarantee in terms of quality and price. So you can customize it with confidence. It is the strength we have that we can promise you with such confidence.

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