To get a close look at all these famous statues in the world, plan an amazing trip around the world.

Art is very important. It makes us think and stimulates our senses. There are some sculptures in the roadsides and squares of each city, some ordinary, some very creative. We have collected some of the most creative sculptures all over the world. If you also like art, the following article will take stock of the 20 most wonderful urban sculptures in the world with you.

1. Giant Swimmer Sculpture – London, UK

famous statues in the world

Sculpture is the symbol of a nation. At the same time, it can reflect the personality, publicity and humor of the city. The creative urban sculpture will feast your eyes! It has a 46 foot long and 10 foot tall sculpture of swimmer. On September 18, 2007, a giant statue of “male swimmer” appeared on the Bank of the Thames River in London, UK. Just swim your own swimming and make the viewer stunned.

2. Expansion Sculpture – New York, USA

famous statues in the world

It is the sculpture of a woman meditating in lotus position with her body cracking to reveal an inner light. This unique sculpture in combination with the title “Expansion” communicates its intended message in the best possible way. Paige Bradley explained her inspiration “From the moment we are born, the world tends to have a container already built for us to fit inside: A social security number, a gender, a race, a profession or an I.Q. I ponder if we are more defined by the container we are in, rather than what we are inside. Would we recognize ourselves if we could expand beyond our bodies? Would we still be able to exist if we were authentically un-contained?”

3. The Knotted Gun – Turtle Bay, New York, USA

famous statues in the world

Located at the entrance of the United Nations headquarters building, the knotted gun presented by the government of Luxembourg shows people’s longing for peace.

4. Politicians Discussing Climate Change – Germany

Global warming is a global problem. Artist Isaac Cordal expressed it in the water, which means that this climate problem has seriously threatened human survival and reached the final stage that has to be solved.

5. Break Through From Your Mold – Philadelphia USA

Says the sculptor: “I wanted to create a sculpture of almost everyone, regardless of their background. This sculpture is about the struggle for freedom through the creative process.” Everyone has the right to free himself from the hostile environment and become what he likes.

6. A Giant Man Pops Out Of The Ground For Art Market Budapest – Hungary

This outdoor polystyrene sculpture is called “Feltépve” (“Pop Up”) and was created by artist Ervin Loránth Hervé for the Art Market Budapest. It represents the symbol of freedom, the desire to break free, curiosity and the driving force of development.

7. Sculpture Hand – Switzerland (famous statues in the world)

Reaching out from the root of a big tree and holding the whole tree, the creators EVA Oertli and Beat Huber showed the importance of caring for and protecting nature.

8. Sculpture Of Giant Raindrop Resting On Man’s Face – Ukraine

The whole sculpture is six feet tall and made of bronze and glass. The sculpture looks up at the sky as if thinking or longing for something.

9. The Black Ghost – Kleipeda, Lithuania(famous statues in the world)

According to local mythology, the statue refers to seeing a black, hooded figure emerge from the water from the nearby Maimel castle. According to folklore, if you treat ghosts well, wealth will come to you.

10. Shoes on the Danube Promenade – Budapest, Hungary

Works created by director Can Togay to commemorate the Holocaust. In January 1945, Jews persecuted by the Hungarian “Arrow Cross” were asked to take off their shoes and jump into the river before they died. This is the eternal scar brought by the war, which is shocking.

11. Rain Man – Italy(famous statues in the world)

This huge sculpture has a strong sense of loneliness. It seems that everyone in the city can see their own shadow from here.

12. The Monument of An Anonymous Passerby – Poland

Located at the entrance of the subway, this group of sculptures commemorates the martial law order issued by Poland on December 13, 1981, and Polish President Wojciech Jaruzelski’s ban on solidarity and arrest of its leaders. Since then, the guild has moved into underground action, and the workers have gradually shown the form of splitting on the ground and underground.

13. Sinking Building – Melbourne, Australia

The sunken building outside the State Library. With the sinking of the library is knowledge. Is this an era of knowledge falling, or an era when the whole people are thirsty for knowledge?

14. People of the River statue – Singapore

Statues of five naked boys jumping into the river for a swim, a sport often done by children of the first generation of immigrants to Singapore. The sculpture is called “First Generation” and is the work of Singaporean sculptor Chong Fah Cheong.

15. Infinite Stairway to Heaven, Australia

Looking from the front, it is like a ladder to heaven extending infinitely to the sky. An endless ladder connecting the sky is spectacular. We are also asking ourselves, is it a distance that can never be reached?

16. Man at Work – Bratislava, Slovakia(famous statues in the world)

This interesting street sculpture was completed by painter Viktor Hulik in 1997. However, there is a problem with this design. The opening is too large. Some children fall down when walking at night. His “head” was also stolen twice, so that later, the police had to list a warning sign to protect his “rest”.

17. Mihai Eminescu – Romanian

famous statues in the world

Eminescu is a national treasure poet of Romania, and this work is also very beautiful. His face changes with the scenery of the road all year round, but the poet’s eyes have always been bright and powerful. As in his long poem Venus: “you live in a narrow world / at the mercy of fate / and I am in my world / feel immortal and desolate.”

18. Man Hanging Out – Prague, Czech Republic

famous statues in the world

The man hanging in the air and holding on to the straw with one hand is the famous psychoanalyst Freud. Freud suffered from phobia many times in his life, including the fear of his own death. At the age of 83, he was diagnosed with oral cancer. Because he couldn’t stand the pain and fear, he asked his friends and doctors to help him inject 30 mg of morphine to commit suicide. This work by artist David Cerny shows Freud’s constant struggle against the fear of death. Interestingly, this work has been toured in London, Berlin, Chicago and other places. It is often treated by passers-by as a real suicide incident. It is a false alarm only when you look carefully.

19. Mustangs – Las Colinas, USA (famous statues in the world)

famous statues in the world

Robert Glen’s work, the largest horse sculpture in the world, symbolizes the spirit of freedom of Texans.

20. The Travelers – France(famous statues in the world)

famous statues in the world

In order to celebrate Marseille as the European cultural center in 2013, artist Bruno Catalano placed ten sculptures as high as real people on the streets of the city. The body of each sculpture was hollowed out. Hollowed out travelers, do you really understand what travel means?

Or do we travel for fun or for the stability of life? Everyone’s mood will be different when watching this group of works. Or it means a destination that people yearn for in their hearts.