Eagle statues for outside need durable material. As we all know, In people’s mind, the eagle is an awe inspiring animal and has the right to rule the sky. It has always been synonymous with the strong. The eagle is not only a symbol of strength, courage and victory. Its sharp eyes give people a lot of enlightenment. It tells us that if you want to be wonderful and meaningful, you must open your eyes like them and attack as quickly as possible after you see your target clearly.

This eagle statues for outside spreading its wings, it is made of brass and 150 cm high. Its vigorous Eagle spreads its wings to fly, implying victory. Its sharp claws grasp a chain like a snake, symbolizing breaking through bondage and gaining freedom. This handicraft is carefully made by our art designers, with fine workmanship, clear texture and strange shape.

eagle statues for outside
bronze eagle sculpture

The large eagle sculpture is suitable to be placed in parks, squares and other leisure places. It can also be placed at home. The eagle head faces outward, which has the function of expelling evil spirits and calming Feng Shui. At the same time, it is also suitable for sending relatives and friends, especially ideal friends. Bronze Eagle handicraft is not only a traditional craft, but also a culture; Is it a pursuit, a concept, and a corporate image. In the rapidly developing modern city, good sculptures can not only be pleasing to the eye, but also inspire people to forge ahead. They are the “notes” beating over the city.

For handicrafts, unique details and fine grinding are essential. An excellent bronze handicrafts naturally pay attention to the perfection of every detail and the fineness of articles, so as to have more ornamental and collection value. We use the international advanced lost wax casting technology, Each detail of the sculpture can be cast very finely. When coloring, we use the thermal coloring process. The thermal coloring process is different from the physical spraying coloring. The color after coloring looks like it comes out from the inside of the bronze carving. It is rich, natural, thick and firm. In order to achieve the uniform and natural color after coloring, this process has very strict requirements on the fire. Among them, it is very difficult to grasp the fire. The color changes at any time every second. Which second should stop to achieve the ideal effect depends on the aesthetic judgment of the operator; There is also temperature control. Different colors have different requirements for temperature. If it is low, it can not reach the ideal color code, and if it is high, it will burn the surface color. Therefore, our professional colorist has rich experience and can grasp the product color properly

Our Arturban Sculpture Factory is committed to doing a good job of each sculpture. We have mature casting technology, rich production experience and strict quality control, and will do a good job of each sculpture. If you are also looking for a sculpture for your home, please feel free to contact us

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