Crocodile, the king of water

Crocodile Sculpture

Crocodile sculpture is red color suitable for garden decoration. The Crocodile is a typical large carnivore, belonging to the sauropod class of chordates. It is distributed in tropical to subtropical rivers, lakes and coasts, and there are 25 species.

Crocodiles range in length from 1.2 meters to 7 meters. Some prehistoric species, such as the late Cretaceous crocodile, can be more than 10 meters long and weigh 3.5 tons. Crocodiles have hermaphroditic characteristics, but all species of crocodiles have basically the same body shape. The skin covered with thick scales, the mouth and nose are slender and flat, and the tail is flat and powerful. The crocodile’s eyes, ears and nostrils are located on the top of the head, which allows most of its body to be submerged.

Crocodile Sculpture

Crocodiles belong to variable temperature animals and are top predators in the food chain. The crocodile has a ferocious and ugly image, a violent nature, and a very flexible action. It is very good at diving and can be in water for more than 10 hours. For example, when encountering enemies or hunting food on land, it can jump and catch, and when it catch it, its huge tail can sweep violently.

Usually, It lie quietly in the water and do not move. Only a pair of nostrils and eyes are outside. It patiently observe the things on the water and land. When the crocodile finds prey on the shore, it will hide its body under the water, and then quietly swim in the direction of the prey, slowly approach the target, suddenly jump out of the water, bite the prey, and drag it into the water to drown.

Details of crocodile sculpture

Crocodile Sculpture

This life size crocodile statue is very interesting. We can see that there are raised hard scales on the crocodile. When he is resting, he opens his mouth. We can clearly see the teeth of the crocodile. It feels very fierce and makes people dare not approach. Our sculpture uses bright red, which not only makes it a focal point, but also adds loveliness and joy to it. When you get close to it, you don’t have to worry about its ferocity, because it stays there motionless. We can touch its skin, and the raised scales on the body. It give us a very magical feeling.

This crocodile sculpture is a fiberglass red crocodile of our Arturban sculpture foundry. In the modeling design, we have adopted a simple design method, which not only shows the morphological characteristics of the sculpture, but also is very simple and generous. It is suitable for outdoors on any occasion. The bright colors will let us catch it at first sight. Leave you the beautiful moments of animals and enjoy the wild beauty of animal sculptures for a long time.

This Crocodile garden statue can satisfy your love for ferocious animals without being hurting by ferocious animals, and can also understand the details of ferocious animals. This crocodile sculpture will be a very fashionable reptile sculpture in the garden, garden and garden. The red crocodile will become a very unique existence in the garden, full of vitality and wild beauty of nature, and will successfully attract your attention.

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