Cobra statue is regular decoration for home, In many religions, myths and literature, snakes often represent productivity or the power to create life. Because snakes can shed their skin, they also become a symbol of regeneration, transformation, immortality and healing. The snake is also a symbol of luck, auspiciousness and holiness. It also has the meaning of wealth, reproduction and longevity. Not only that, the scepter of Asclepius, the God of medicine, winding from bottom to top, represents the human spine, but also the climbing up of the reborn snake. Of course, the snake represents Bruce Lee in China. When the snake runs to the home, it can’t fight. It is to send financial and security to the home.

Therefore, in real life, although people are very afraid of snake attacks and venomous teeth, snake sculptures are often displayed at home or in the courtyard. This cobra statue is made by mutiple color and shapes covered by letters and different colors make our customers think that even if it opens its mouth and reveals its sharp fangs, it will not be afraid

Moreover, through our careful observation, you will find that this snake sculpture is made of geometric graphics, which not only makes the sculpture fashionable in colorful colors, but also makes it artistic. This sculpture is made of copper according to the requirements of our customers. Most of the sculptures made of copper are made by lost wax casting. Copper is a popular medium in sculpture because it can be processed into incredibly complex details. Moreover, copper is a hard metal, which will retain these details over time even in outdoor conditions.

For this painted Cobra sculpture, we use car paint for coloring, we use baking paint for coloring, and we use advanced car paint for professional technology for many times to achieve the desired effect.

brass snake statue
cobra statue

The advantages of automotive paint are good fastness, wear resistance, long service life, bright and full color. Therefore, the choice of automobile paint as sculpture has become a hot spot of fashion trend and has been widely adopted by people.

Therefore, if you want to make sculpture in Arturban Sculpture Factory, you can contact us at any time. When making sculpture, we pay more attention to quality. Good quality sculpture can decorate your life for a longer time, and it is also the best sign in our sculpture industry.

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