Bruno catalano sculpture replica is very popular, This statue is a life size sculpture created by French artist Bruno Catalano. He is a very talented artist. He integrates his own style into sculpture creation. His unique creative image is deeply loved by people. What is particularly impressive is that some sculptures seem to have little support, giving them an ethereal and surreal appearance.

The figure’s body is missing a part. It feels as if it is invisible and gives people a visual shock. When we see this statue, we will stop to see how he supports his body? Is the missing part really not or is it made of other materials? We always want to find out. After careful study there, we will find that the supporting point of the  bruno catalano travellers is a suitcase.

This work has a unique artistic style and is also their exquisite work of art, but it is precisely because of the missing part of the sculpture that makes him truly extraordinary and unique. This unusual public sculpture has become a key feature of modern cities. Whether it is a historical event, adding some aesthetic value to public places, or making open spaces more attractive, successful public statues play an important role in making a little characteristic of the surrounding environment. Their importance means that it is a difficult task for any artist involved in their creation to use them correctly.

One of our customers was also attracted by a unique artistic style. Our art sculptor made this traveler’s statue for him. According to the requirements of customers, we have made a bruno catalano sculpture replica in 180 cm high statue made of brass.

traveler sculpture
traveler's statue

Many statues produced by our arturban sculpture factory have been distributed all over the world. We have been engaged in the sculpture industry for more than 20 years. After years of learning and accumulation, my production technology is mature and advanced. For each work, we have been engaged in sculpture for more than 20 years. With their rich experience, we have strict quality control, because we understand that high-quality products are the foundation for me to win the recognition and continuation of customers.

Here, we use the lost wax casting process. First, we will make the mud film and show the mud film and sculpture in the form of 1:1, and then we will ask the customer to confirm before making the next step. Our clay masters have rich experience, always pay attention to details and bring the characters to life. Our workers still have enough patience and perseverance in the face of complex processes, and restore the details and essence to the extreme, which makes our customers highly praised.

Do you have a traveler’s dream? A person carrying a suitcase can forget all his troubles, put down his heavy work, and travel around the world and read local customs. Art knows no borders. Sculpture is not just an ornament. Sometimes it can also become the sustenance of our hearts. We can use statues to fulfill our dreams for what we can’t do and don’t have the courage to do.

We can also customize different sizes and designs according to your needs. We can also match the color of the sculpture for you. In this way, you can get your ideal traveler statue.

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