The creation effect of bear yard statues

bear yard statues

Bear yard statues has been very popular in recent years. Many people have seen geometric deer sculpture, geometric bear sculpture, geometric lion sculpture and so on. The unique shape design attracts the attention of tourists. FRP geometric sculpture has strong aesthetic feeling and artistic expression tension, which is very suitable for modern garden environment. How to shape the processing technology and art of FRP, and how to reflect the aesthetic feeling of FRP are the soul of the creation of FRP manufacturers.

The bear yard statues is the same as that of other geometric animal sculptures. The key point of making geometric animal sculptures is that the lines should be straight and the sections should be clear, so that it looks good. If the lines are curved, the modeling sections will be unclear, and the overall appearance will be uncomfortable. To make the line straight, it is necessary to ensure this when making the model, and then be careful in the process of reproduction, use skilled workers to reproduce, and pay attention to keeping the line straight.

FRP bear yard statues is a common animal sculpture, which not only decorates and beautifies the urban environment, but also symbolizes peace and prosperity. The GRP geometric bear sculpture is very popular from the first sight, not only because its appearance is bright, transparent and smooth, but also because it is a combination of art with animals. The vivid shape of animals together with GRP materials are more vivid.

geometric bear red sculpture

Details of FRP geometric bear sculpture

size of bear sculpture

This abstract large bear statue is very popular for its vivid and lovely shape. Its unique shape is carefully made by the sculptors of our Arturban sculpture foundry. The bear stands there. The surface of the sculpture is in geometric shape, which not only makes the animal more three-dimensional, but also gives a modern fashion sense. This sculpture is composed of multiple geometric triangles, with a vivid appearance. The bright red color is beautiful and shiny, and has become the focus of attention.

This geometric bear sculpture has lifelike movements and looks as if we can feel its lovely movements and images. The fashionable modern art sculpture is most suitable for the decoration of lawn, garden, park square and other outdoor occasions. It can not only decorate the surrounding environment, but also set up a garden image and improve the artistic atmosphere and cultural level of the garden. It has a strong decorative effect. The gorgeous colors form its unique artistic vision and become the soul of decoration. It gives people beautiful enjoyment, makes people feel happy and relaxed, and cultivates their sentiments.

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