bathsheba bronze statue

WHEN BATHSHEBA makes her first appearance in the Bible, she’s not wearing any clothes. This bathsheba bronze statue shows her image vividly.

She’s taking a bath. Outside. Within eyeshot of the very married King David—seven wives at least. He’s strolling around on what was probably the flat roof of his home. Roofs were used much like we use porches and decks.

Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hittite, a soldier in David’s elite corps known as the Thirty. A three-day march away, Uriah was with the Israelite army, laying siege to the city of Rabbah (near modern Amman, Jordan).

“David sent messengers to get her; and when she came to the palace, he slept with her” (2 Samuel 11:4).

That bath she took was after her menstruation—probably about a week later, since that’s how long a woman had to wait before performing her purification rituals. That put Bathsheba in her fertile period. She got pregnant.

The details of Bathsheba sculpture

Bathsheba sculpture

This Bathsheba bronze statue is a fine art sculpture custom-made by our Arturban Sculpture Factory. It perfectly restored the details of the sculpture created by artist Benjamin Victor. This life-size sculpture reflects the story of the woman in wet clothes, and her sexy and beautiful figure is vividly showing in the wet transparent clothes. It shows the graceful curves and creates a hazy artistic beauty.


The artist’s virtuosity and talent in carving and sculpting is perfectly showing in every delicate feature of this sculpture. It not only shapes the long flowing hair of the characters, but also depicts the transparency of the wet clothes and the details of the clothes tied together, the folds of the clothes, and the soft texture.

This garden lady statue full of artistic flavor perfectly shows the unique charm of women. Put her in the garden, park, courtyard… The beautiful woman is walking on the green grass in transparent clothes, full of tranquility and elegance and artistic beauty. She will add a dreamy beauty to the garden and become a beautiful landscape.

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