Outdoor stainless steel art sculpture

ballerina garden statue

Ballerina garden statue is made of stainless steel. Outdoor stainless steel sculpture is a common modern art sculpture. It has a variety of styles and high art value. Therefore, it is a very important part of the outdoor environment.

Simple design and artistic effect can improve the beauty of the environment. Not only that, stainless steel sculpture can also play the role of cultural communication. Different forms have different meanings. It silently displays her beautiful form and spreads its connotation.

Stainless steel sculptures are indoor and outdoor decorations. Easy to make, safe structure and more flexible to different sizes and lightness are the potential advantages of stainless steel statues. Stainless steel is not only changeable in dynamic and body shape, but also colorful in surface color, which changes with the environment.

ballerina garden statue
ballerina garden statueballerina garden statueballerina garden statue

Details of ballerina garden statue on the moon

ballerina garden statue
ballerina garden statueballerina garden statueballerina garden statue

Ballerina garden statue is an elegant and beautiful girl dancing on the moon. She dressed in an elegant and romantic dance skirt dances on tiptoe. We can see that her elegant and beautiful dancing posture has captured the hearts of countless people. Standing on tiptoe on the moon, it is as beautiful as a fairy. The unique shape of the whole sculpture bright in the sun, which makes people unable to move their eyes.

This stainless steel sculpture is carefully made by the artists of our Arturban sculpture foundry. They pay great attention to details. We can clearly see the little girl’s movements and expressions, the beautiful skirt hem and folds details, and the perfect match of the moon’s curved arc. Our polishing masters carefully polish the mirror surface to ensure that every detail is perfect.

Put this beautiful Ballet Girl On Moon Statue in your garden or courtyard, your garden or courtyard will be more beautiful and add artistic beauty. In the daytime, it reflects the beautiful scenery around. In the evening, the colorful lights around it will make it more colorful, like the focus of attention, adding a sense of mystery.

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