1.Introduction of Ascent sculpture

In the entrance to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, there is a permanent memorial. A stainless steel sculpture called “The Ascent”. It is a 70-foot-tall, polished steel sculpture that honors those who are passionate about flying. At the same time, it shows the human flight journey and the grandeur of the museum collection.

This sculpture spirals upwards in an abstract artistic effect, wide at the bottom and pointed at the top. The smooth mirror effect can reflect the surrounding scenery , it shows amazing artistic effect. This sculpture zigzags up like an airplane with the swiftness and superb flying skills.

Ascent sculpture

2.Creator of Ascent sculpture

This Ascent Sculpture was donated to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum by renowned Virginia sculptor John Safer. John Safer is a nationally and internationally renowned sculptor and a successful entrepreneur. You can find his artworks in more than 500 private and public collections, museums, embassies and universities around the world.

This “Ascent” sculpture was once praised by General JR “Jack” Dailey, director of the National Air and Space Museum. He said that John Safer’s unique vision sets the stage for the visitor experience. It attract our visitors in creative, dramatic and inspiring ways.

Creator of Ascent sculpture


This “Ascent” sculpture use the stainless steel material. With solid metal skeleton inside, which is stronger in the outdoor environment and can better resist the natural environment of the external environment factors. After welding and grinding again, the surface of the sculpture shows the prototype of the sculpture; after polishing, the stainless steel of the sculpture is smooth and shiny, like a mirror, reflecting the surrounding scenery, showing the appearance of the entire abstract sculpture.

Mirror polishing ascent sculpture