Alec Andon and street art

Alec Monopoly Sculptures

Alec Monopoly sculptures are very famous. The Alec Andon, also known as Alec Monopoly in the art world, is famous for street art. His works use different technologies and materials, such as templates, spray paint and epoxy resin. He uses them to depict various iconic pop culture figures.

The name of street artist Alec Monopoly comes from the trading based board game. Players can buy and sell property, accumulate funds and try to bankrupt their opponents. The artist used the role of rich “Uncle” Pennybags, to express his criticism of capitalist greed. In the scene of Alec monopoly, it is completed and framed on the city surface or newsprint. This bearded character sprints with a wallet under his arm, laments the lack of universal health care, and is beaten by a policeman holding a bully club.

Alec Monopoly sculptures is using cartoon style to comment on real-world problems. The aculpture conveying a simplified and exaggerated message. But it is reasonable in his condemnation of the broken economic system. The first real person depicted by Alec Monopoly was Bernie Madoff, who considered him the ultimate symbol of financial collapse.

Alec Monopoly Sculptures

Details of Alec Monopoly sculpture

Alec Monopoly Sculptures

In the distorted works of artists, the bearded characters who carry money bags or display other conspicuous signs of wealth often become the greedy double of capitalists. This distinctive artistic style has welcomed by people and has become a fashionable and characteristic decoration in people’s life.

The Alec Monopoly sculptures is a fine fiberglass sculpture of Arturban sculpture foundry. He wears a hat, has a classic beard, a red bow tie, a black suit, a silver shirt, blue pants, and black shoes. These are his very unique decorative details. You can see the sign of money in the sculpture of the Alec Monopoly, and this sculpture is no exception. He holds a bank note high in his hand, as if he is showing off his wealth. He holds the bulging money bag very hard in his hand, representing that he has a lot of wealth. The acrylic art of reflective icons makes the sculpture more colorful.

Monopoly Alec statue not only shows a half joking interpretation of capitalism and luxury goods, but also shows the cartoon image of the Alec Monopoly in front of people. This sculpture is suitable for the decoration of the living room, the office desk and other places. The unique art form will bring you a new decorative style.

alec monopoly sculpture

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