Tony Craig’s “second nature”

abstract expressionist sculpture

Abstract expressionist sculpture is famous. Tony Craig was born in Liverpool, England in 1949. British postmodernist sculptor, a leading figure in British contemporary art. He uses extremely rich materials as the medium of artistic creation. He also use all wastes, building materials and metals can turn decay into magic. The British sculptor Tony Carragher has named his exhibition “the second nature” several times.

When we face his works, we can strongly feel the magic and beauty of nature. These works are surging, breathing, growing… Full of original vitality. This is the extension of nature in human society and the “second nature” created by Tony Craig. They seem to be calling for ancient gods, as if to lead man back to the universe and open up a new world.

abstract expressionist sculpture

The formation of “second nature” is not only due to the changes of natural factors such as natural scenery and environment, but also reflects art. Studying Tony Craig’s works, we can clearly feel his emphasis on materials and things. On the one hand, it is to open the distance between his works and nature. More importantly, these works originating from nature are fill with a happy artistic spirit beyond the material level.

The artistic effect of the abstract expressionist sculpture

abstract expressionist sculpture

Modern abstract metal sculpture of “Second nature” is not only a simple extension of nature in human society, but also an artificial form created by artists. It is with various forms and colors from nature and exists in human activity space, that is, “second nature”. The difference is that nature is material and the “second nature” is spiritual. The same is the importance of nature to human material life and the importance of “the second nature” to human spiritual life. This is the important information brought to contemporary art by the artistic philosophy contained in Tony Craig’s works.

This abstract expressionist sculpture is a replica customize for customers, which vividly shows the artistic effect of “the second nature”. The strong natural flavor in Tony Craig’s works is starting from the natural elements that always exist and hidden in nature. He creating a new artificial form with artistic spirit and creating a space with artistic atmosphere.

This unique abstract expressionist sculpture provides unlimited creative space. The unique sculpture effect is a new milestone discovered by the artist through continuous research.

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