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violin player statue

1.Introduction of violin player statue Violin player statue presents her elegant posture while playing. She has a graceful figure and demeanor, vividly showing the musician’s focus and passion. The violin in her hand seemed to jump between her fingertips, and the delicate carving made the bow and strings of the instrument come to life. And […]

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violinist statue

1.Introduction of violinist statue Violinist statue is “a man running with a violin”. It was created by an unknown author and installed in Amsterdam in 1982. The whole body is blue. You can’t see the shape. The head is empty. It’s like an invisible person who can only see clothes. It’s full of mystery. People […]

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violinist sculpture

1.Introduction of violinist sculpture The bronze violinist sculpture is a Monument that depicts a musician escaping from the tiled floor of the entrance hall of the music theater. The sculpture was created by an unknown artist. It depicts that violinists will not give up their pursuit and dream of music even when they escape. It […]

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