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white rabbit garden statue

1.Introduction of white rabbit garden statue This white rabbit garden statue has a cute and lively image. They stand on the base, with long ears, lifelike. The surface of the rabbit’s body is smooth and delicate, emitting a bright luster. They are presented in various postures, some jumping and others stretching their bodies, displaying playful […]

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cute rabbit sculpture

1.Introduction of cute rabbit sculpture This is a cute rabbit sculpture. It is a cartoon image of a rabbit, with a simple and vivid design, creating a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. The rabbit has a pair of long ears, which not only makes people more impressed with this cartoon image, but also highlights the characteristics of […]

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standing rabbit statue

1.Introduction of standing rabbit statue This is a lovely standing rabbit statue. Rabbit is considered as a symbol of good luck. It is beautiful and gentle, and represents good luck. Rabbit is also an indispensable element of the zodiac. Fiberglass rabbit is not only ornamental, but also has certain cultural connotations. Placing fiberglass rabbits at […]

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