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stainless steel dandelion sculpture

1.Introduction of stainless steel dandelion sculpture The stainless steel dandelion sculpture vividly presents the scene of dandelions fluttering in thin awnings. Through exquisite craftsmanship, every detail of a dandelion has been carefully crafted, from the texture of the petals to the graceful posture of the seeds, all of which are lifelike. The entire sculpture captures […]

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dandelion water fountain

1.Introduction of dandelion water fountain This dandelion water fountain is very beautiful. It is a popular artistic installation, with its design concept derived from the dandelion flowers in nature. The main exterior characteristics of sculpture are its soft and beautiful lines and realistic flower shapes. There is a large dandelion flower in the center of […]

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dandelion art sculpture

1.Introduction of dandelion art sculpture The is a dandelion art sculpture. Sculpture is a huge dandelion, its seeds scattered in the wind. The exquisite white petals are made of durable materials and can withstand various weather conditions. The dandelion statue uses bold and simple lines and smooth curves to create a flying dandelion, vivid yet […]

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