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coral sculpture on stand

1.Introduction of coral sculpture on stand This abstract coral sculpture on stand has peculiar shape and strong artistic sense, which can attract people’s attention and become the focus. Although we can’t live in the underwater world and enjoy the beauty of the sea, we can show the wonderful things on the seabed in the form […]

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violin statue

1.Introduction of violin statue Violin statue is an abstract violin art sculpture. A violinist plays beautiful music with a violin. It seems that we can hear the beautiful music. This sculpture seems to be the violin only. It aslo looks like violinist palying the music, violinist has become a part of violin, reaching the highest […]

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abstract metal sculpture

1.Introduction of abstract metal sculpture Abstract metal sculpture is a large stainless steel water spray, which is very exquisite and creative. With the continuous development of society, people’s aesthetic appreciation has gradually improved, and the quantity and quality of cultural and artistic products have gradually increased. Now when you go to a strange city, you […]

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