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large metal flower sculpture

1.Introduction of large metal flower sculpture The large metal flower sculpture is a true artwork that shows the vitality and vitality of nature. This handmade metal decoration stands out for its uniqueness. It uses stainless steel material, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance and strength, and can last for a long time in outdoor environments, […]

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ring sculpture decor

1.Introduction of metal circle sculpture The metal circle sculpture stands out for its unique and abstract design. It is called “Double Circle Art” and is composed of two circular elements that fit together, with one part being solid and the other being hollow. This design stands out for its unique shape and structure. The metal […]

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mirror stainless steel sculpture

1.Introduction of mirror stainless steel sculpture This mirror stainless steel sculpture is very beautiful. It has a unique modern and fashionable appearance, which can add beauty and artistic atmosphere to cities and public places. It present a mirror like effect, with reflections from different angles and lighting, creating a unique visual effect that captivates people. […]

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