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geometric bear sculpture

1.Introduction of geometric bear sculpture This 2 meters high stainless steel abstract geometric bear sculpture is very vivid and lovely. It takes geometric graphics as the art form of section. This colorful polyhedral bear sculpture is full of pop art style. Sitting on the ground with open arms, it is like a clingy baby seeking […]

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bear statues for outside

1.Introduction of bear statues for outside The surface of this lovely stainless steel geometric bear sculpture is a geometric effect. The color is bright light blue, breaking through the preconceived Brown system in the past, making the sculpture cute and more affinity. This 3.5-meter-tall giant geometric bear statues for outside, with a smile on its […]

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Metal birds for garden

1.Introduction of geometric bear statue This geometric bear statue is very cute. It stands on two feet like a person, holding a ball in one hand and opening the other hand, as if playing basketball. Bright colors bring rich visual touch. This bear sculpture is presented in an abstract form, which is thought-provoking and artistic. […]

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