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spanish bull statue

1.Introduction of spanish bull statue This is a spanish bull statue.  The appearance of the running bull gives a strong sense of movement, and the running posture of the bull is cleverly captured, as if the dynamic moments are permanently frozen in the sculpture. Viewers can clearly feel the muscular development and physical strength of […]

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Spanish Bull Figurine

1.Introduction of spanish bull figurine Spanish bull figurine is impressive. This sculpture presents a bull of real size, displaying grandeur and power in a standing posture. Every detail of the bull is meticulously carved, from the lines of its muscles to the texture of its horns, all presented vividly. The sculpture is made of bronze […]

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spanish bull sculpture

1.Introduction of spanish bull sculpture The spanish bull sculpture is presented in life size, with the bull bowing its head and displaying an attacking posture, making it a highly expressive sculpture in a garden or corporate setting. The sculptor handcrafted the lost wax technique to capture the moment when the bull was ready to set […]

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