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sitting lion statue

1. Introduction of marble lion statue This marble lion sculpture shows extraordinary artistic craftsmanship and design beauty. The white marble lion statue is presented as the image of a resting lion, the lion stretched on the ground, front PAWS crossed, hind legs bent, head slightly raised, eyes firm and calm, exuding majesty and tranquility.   […]

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lion statue lying down

1. Introduction of lion statue This fiberglass sculpture of a fallen lion presents a serene and solemn pose. The lion was curled up on the ground, its limbs stretched out in a relaxed manner, its head resting on its front PAWS, as if it were resting or meditating. Its mane is delicately carved, fluffy and […]

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resting lion statue

1.Introduction of resting lion statue This resting lion statue is called the waking lion sculpture. Although it is shaped by the same sculptor as the sleeping lion, they have different states. The two naturalistic sculptures of the sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch originally created independently of each other: the sleeping lion was used as a tombstone, […]

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