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poseidon marble statue

1.Introduction of poseidon marble statue The poseidon marble statue is an astonishing masterpiece of art. In this statue, Poseidon, the sea god, is vividly carved. He is dignified and holds the famous trident, and the mount is the symbolic three dolphins. This scene showcases Poseidon’s majesty and power as the God of the Sea. The decorative […]

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king neptune garden statue

1.Introduction of king neptune garden statue This is the king neptune garden statue. On Gotaplatsen Square in Gothenburg stands a landmark bronze statue of the sea god, which has become one of the landmarks of the city. The statue shows the magnificent scene of the sea god standing in the center of the fountain. He […]

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Neptune bronze sculpture

1.Introduction of Neptune bronze sculpture This Neptune bronze sculpture is vivid. Poseidon sat on a chair, holding a famous trident in his hand, which vividly displayed the mythical power and majesty. The sea god’s face is solemn, which makes people feel the majesty and power of the gods. It is a work full of mystery […]

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