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georgia gerber sculpture

1.Introduction of georgia gerber sculpture This georgia gerber sculpture is a stacked pig bronze sculpture. It is a creative and interesting public art work that is popular in cities around the world. One of the most famous examples of this is the statue of the “Rachel Pig” at the Park Market in Seattle. It was […]

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piglet garden ornaments

1.Introduction of piglet garden ornaments The painted Little Flying piglet garden ornaments is unique. The piglet’s body adopts bright and colorful colors, making it full of vitality and childlike charm. What is even more eye-catching is that it is equipped with a pair of magnificent wings behind it, as if waiting for the moment of […]

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piglet garden statue

1.Introduction of piglet garden statue This is a cartoon kungfu piglet garden statue. Mr. Pig, wearing a classic Han suit, is wearing a white top hat. He stretches his one legs out, one leg bending, with one hand forward and the other hand backward. The classic martial arts action is like inviting challengers to compete […]

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