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peeing boy statue fountain

1.Introduction of peeing boy statue fountain This sculpture is the famous Yu Lian sculpture, also known as the peeing boy statue fountain. This world-famous bronze statue of a boy is to commemorate Yu Lian’s heroic deeds. A boy named Yu Lian got up to pee in the middle of the night and saw that his […]

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peeing boy sculpture

1.Introduction of peeing boy sculpture This sculpture is made of marble, a boy with a rattle. He was wearing a beige coat and dark pants. At this time, he took off his pants below his knees and was ready to pee to shape his naughty and lovely character. This peeing boy sculpture shows children’s carefree […]

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boy peeing statue

1.Introduction of peeing boy statue for sale This is marble peeing boy statue for sale. The boy peed in the pool barefoot, showing the naughty and carefree childhood life of the child. The boy’s tender expression and lovely actions brought us joy and saw his childhood self. This boy fountain sculpture has unique creativity and […]

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