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peacock statue decor

1.Introduction of peacock statue decor This peacock is made of stainless steel and showcases exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful visual effects. The peacock’s tail is extremely spectacular, consisting of multiple blue and transparent elements, which resemble peacock feathers, with detailed decorations on the edges and a sunflower-like pattern in the center. Each feather of peacock statue […]

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peacock sculpture for garden

1.Introduction of peacock sculpture for garden This is a peacock sculpture for garden. It depicts two elegant and magnificent peacocks living vividly on the tree trunk, forming a beautiful scene. The appearance of this sculpture is extremely artistic, with meticulous carving presenting the texture of peacock feathers, wings, and the realistic texture of tree trunks, […]

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life size peacock statue

1.Introduction of life size peacock statue This is a life size peacock statue. It is a very exquisite artwork that showcases the beauty and grandeur of peacocks. The peacock in the statue is lifelike, with its long feathers swaying and appearing very beautiful. They seem to be showing their beautiful feathers and charm to the […]

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