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white marble lion statues

1. Introduction of white marble lion This lion sculpture is made of marble, delicate and solemn, as if it is the perfect fusion of nature and art. Its white appearance glows softly in the sun, making it stand out in this space. The shape of the white marble lion statues is elegant and dignified, it […]

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art deco lion sculpture

1.Introduction of art deco lion sculpture These are two majestic Western lions, each holding a ball under its claws. The two lions look majestic and concrete. It sits there quietly, and its neck bristles are fluffy, giving people a powerful momentum. This art deco lion sculpture adopts chemical coloring method, adding green rust color to […]

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lion and lioness statue

1.Introduction of lion and lioness statue This sculpture is a very classic lion and lioness statue in Copenhagen. It was created by the Danish sculptor Lauritz Jensen, who is considered to be one of the best animal sculptors in Denmark. In 1905, Jason won the Exberg Medal for his work. This sculpture vividly portrays the […]

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