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full size horse statue

This full size horse statue is painted with gorgeous colors. The gorgeous and beautiful painted effect is pleasing to the eyes. It is very suitable for parks, cities and squares. The implication of horse sculpture is the spirit of dragon and horse, which leads to success. Therefore, horse sculpture has a wide range of applications. […]

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horse garden sculpture

Horse garden sculpture is very regular decoration in our life, Horse has been breeding since ancient times. Horse is a kind of gentle animal. It also has unique symbolic significance. Horse has a very high cultural status in China. Since ancient times, people have believed that horses are great and tall animals, which are very […]

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outdoor horse sculpture

Outdoor horse sculpture decoration demand is increasing. Horse has a high status in people’s hearts. Horse is a spiritual animal, representing the moral of purity, passion, flexibility and elegance. Our arturban sculpture factory takes high-strength synthetic fiber as the reinforcing skeleton, so our life size fiberglass horse can withstand a weight of about 150 kg. […]

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