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michelangelo statue mary and jesus

1.Introduction of Michelangelo Statue Mary and Jesus This is well known Michelangelo statue Mary and Jesus. Michelangelo perfectly integrated a inherited classical tradition with the realism of the Renaissance. The overall structure of the statue is a standard and stable pyramid, and the body of the virgin becomes a strong backing to support the body […]

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Michelangelo Sculpture Mary and Jesus for Catholic Church Decoration

1.Introduction of Michelangelo Sculpture Mary and Jesus This Michelangelo sculpture of Mary and Jesus shows that the Virgin Mary feels sad about her son’s death. She holds Jesus on her lap. She sympathizes with her son’s pain, but also chooses to accept his fate. On Maria’s young face, slightly raised eyebrows revealed a hint of […]

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michelangelo mary and jesus statue

1.Introduction of Michelangelo Mary and Jesus statue Michelangelo Mary and Jesus statue depict Jesus sitting on his mother Mary’s lap after his crucifixion. This statue shows the grief of the Virgin Mary with the crucified Christ in her arms. Jesus lay between the virgin’s knees, with a scar on his ribs, his head hanging back, […]

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