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ice cream pop art sculpture

1.Introduction of ice cream pop art sculpture This is a very attractive ice cream pop art sculpture. Ice cream sculpture is a sculpture art with diverse styles and bright colors, made of fiberglass. Its appearance can be varied according to the designer’s creativity, including upright ice cream and slanted ice cream, various shapes of ice […]

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ice cream desk

1.Introduction of ice cream desk This is a ice cream desk. The fiberglass ice cream table and chair sculpture is a fun outdoor art piece, with its unique exterior design full of fun. The sculpture is inspired by ice cream, and its tabletop and chairs both use the shape of an ice cream cylinder, as […]

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melting ice cream sculpture

1.Introduction of melting ice cream sculpture This is a very attractive melting ice cream sculpture. The shape of this sculpture is upside down, with melted ice cream flowing out at the bottom. The entire sculpture is lifelike and makes people drool. This sculpture reminds people of cold desserts in summer. The entire sculpture looks very […]

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