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mary mother of jesus statue

1.Introduction of Mary Mother of Jesus Statue This Mary mother of Jesus statue is very beautiful. She stands there gracefully with her hands open in a long gown and gown. Under the guidance of angels, she gave birth to Jesus, the son of God, and therefore saved the world and suffering. Because of the merit […]

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mary mother of god statue

1.Introduction of Mary Mother of God Statue This Mary mother of God statue shows Mary standing in her robe and opening her hands, as if she were sowing the seeds of love to devout believers, so that everyone can be happy and safe. Her smiling, kind and calm image makes us firm faith and adhere […]

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blessed virgin mary statue

1.Introduction of blessed virgin Mary statue This is a customized Blessed Virgin Mary Statue. In the New Testament, Mary was engaged to a man named Joseph in her teenage years. Later, she became pregnant due to divine induction and gave birth to Jesus, and Jesus was the child of God. In both Catholicism and Christianity, Mary […]

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